Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: How Cutty Sark was nearly lost

In a career at sea lasting 50 years, Cutty Sark faced many dangers. The closest she came to being wrecked was in May 1916 off South Africa. At the time, she was owned by a Portuguese company and called Ferreira. This is how her captain might have described the incident.

Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: Through high seas and ice

Richard Woodget was Cutty Sark’s most successful captain, making several record-breaking voyages from Australia to England with wool cargoes Based on his logs, this is how he might have described some of the conditions the ship encountered.

Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: From London to Brisbane – at sea with Captain Woodget

Clarence Ray was a young apprentice on Cutty Sark in 1894 -95. Based on letters he wrote home, this is how he might have described the voyage from London out to Brisbane.

Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: The Hell-Ship Voyage

Few of Cutty Sark’s voyages were without incident, but the most dramatic was surely her twelfth, when a killing took place on board. This is how the young apprentice Charles Sankey might have remembered his time on the ship.

Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: Cutty Sark’s maiden voyage to China

Cutty Sark was built for a single purpose – to transport tea from China to London as quickly as possible. She worked in the trade from 1870 to 1877. This is how 18-year old Able Seaman William Parker might have remembered her arrival in Shanghai on her maiden voyage in…

Cutty Sark Voyages 1870-1922: Cutty Sark races Thermopylae

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Cutty Sark’s great rival for the title of the fastest of all the clippers was Aberdeen White Star Line’s Thermopylae. But the only time the two ships left the same port on the same day and raced against each other nearly ended in disaster for Cutty Sark. This is how…