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Two crescent moons

Elizabeth Cunningham answers a Big Question from a caller seeing two crescent moons. Download this episode

Anvilled stars

Marek Kukula talks with artist and blacksmith Matthew Luck Galpin about his installation at the Royal Observatory, and how it was to work with meteorites. Download this episode

Where to see asteroid YU55 from Earth

Find out where the best place to view asteroid YU55 is, and how close it will come to the Earth. Download this episode

Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space

Marek Kukula reveals how the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space is being celebrated, and how you can get involved where you live. Download this episode

The 28-inch telescope

Marek Kukula reveals why the 28-inch telescope is bigger than it sounds. Download this episode

Alice Everett, a woman in science

Rebekah Higgitt reveals the life of Alice Everett, one of the first paid women to work at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Download this episode

Bradley’s Zenith Sector

Marek Kukula reveals how an object that looks like a copper drainpipe proved that the Earth is moving through space. Download this episode


Marek Kukula reveals another of his favourite objects, but this time it’s not inside the Museum. Download this episode

The regulator that kept Gibraltar on time

Rory McEvoy talks about the astronomical regulator in Greenwich that controlled the timeball in Gibraltar. Download this episode

James Glacier, astronomer and death-defying meteorologist

Rebekah Higgitt reveals how ROG employee James Glaisher had a near-death experience while studying the weather in a balloon. Download this episode