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Alice Everett, a woman in science

Rebekah Higgitt reveals the life of Alice Everett, one of the first paid women to work at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Download this episode

James Glacier, astronomer and death-defying meteorologist

Rebekah Higgitt reveals how ROG employee James Glaisher had a near-death experience while studying the weather in a balloon. Download this episode

Charles Green, Royal Observatory Greenwich Assistant and stand-in Astronomer Royal

Rebekah Higgitt reveals how ROG assistant Charles Green became a stand-in Astronomer Royal, and joined Cook on his first voyage to view the transit of Venus in Tahiti. Download this episode

Edward Walter Maunder and the Science of the Sun at the Royal Observatory

Becky Higgitt reveals how ROG assistant Edward Walter Maunder influenced climate change research and the debate about life on Mars, through his research into the Sun. Download this episode

Life behind the scenes at the Royal Observatory

Rebekah Higgitt introduces the ROG assistants and finds out about their lives and work. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt reveals the history of scientific photography at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Rebekah Higgitt tells us about the work of solar and astronomical photographers at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from the 1840s onwards. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt reveals how Greenwich became the home of the Prime Meridian

To celebrate the Prime Meridian’s 125th anniversary, Curator of the History of Science Rebekah Higgit reveals why Greenwich became its home. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt uncovers Moon-mapping history

Rebekah Higgitt takes us through the Museum’s collection of globes and maps of the Moon. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt tells us how to play Science and Sport, an astronomy board game

Rebekah Higgitt, Curator of History of Science and Technology, talks about one of her favourite objects – an early 19th-century astronomy board game, in which the winner was crowned Astronomer Royal. Download this episode