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The Nana Olomu flags

Heloise Finch-Boyer reveals her favourite objects at the National Maritime Museum. Download this episode

Shaving at sea

Amy Miller takes a look at a portable shaving table thought to have been a gift from Nelson. Download this episode

The regulator that kept Gibraltar on time

Rory McEvoy talks about the astronomical regulator in Greenwich that controlled the timeball in Gibraltar. Download this episode

Quintin Colville tells us about the battleship HMS King George V

Quintin Colville tells us about one of his favourite objects, the battleship HMS King George V. Download this episode

Jonathan Betts discusses his recent repair of Harrison’s first timekeeper, H1

Jonathan Betts reveals the surprises that he encountered while repairing John Harrison’s marine timekeeper H1. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt uncovers Moon-mapping history

Rebekah Higgitt takes us through the Museum’s collection of globes and maps of the Moon. Download this episode

David Haycock and Richard Johns reveal the art of the miniature

Re-discover a forgotten art form – the miniature – with curators David Haycock and Richard Johns, as they discuss the techniques and story behind the miniature of the Third Earl of Cumberland. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt tells us how to play Science and Sport, an astronomy board game

Rebekah Higgitt, Curator of History of Science and Technology, talks about one of her favourite objects – an early 19th-century astronomy board game, in which the winner was crowned Astronomer Royal. Download this episode