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Curry and a pint

Steve Martin reveals how you can sample a wonderful curry and a pint with the NMM, while finding out that this is an older tradition than you may have thought. Download this episode

Jeffrey Hudson, friend and companion to Queen Henrietta Maria

Ann Stamper tells the story of the life of Jeffrey Hudson, who was friends with a Queen, killed a man who was armed with a water pistol and was kidnapped by pirates. Download this episode

Chinese New Year Celebrations at the National Maritime Museum

Steve Martin reveals how Chinese New Year will be celebrated at the NMM, and invites you to come and join in. Download this episode

Shaving at sea

Amy Miller takes a look at a portable shaving table thought to have been a gift from Nelson. Download this episode

Waterline – Cruising Photography

Jude Holland reveals some of her favourite images in the Waterline exhibition. Download this episode (Flash video) Download this episode (mp4 video)

Walter Palmer, a life through the Museum’s records

Richard Espley traces sailor Walter Palmer through the Museum’s records. Download this episode (Flash video) Download this episode (mp4 video)

Discovering Asian influences

Gemma Lucas, an intern helping with the development of a new gallery at the NMM, quizzes curator John McAleer about some of the objects that she has discovered. Download this episode

Strange happenings at the National Maritime Museum

Geraldine Charles reveals why the National Maritime Museum is thought to be a place where strange and spooky things happen. Download this episode

19th-century sketchbooks and albums

Richard Johns tells us how sketchbooks recently photographed by the NMM have given us an insight into the world of the 19th-century sailor. Download this episode

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Cara O’Keeffe narrates the career of artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, who in 1871 published darkly realistic etchings of the Thames. Download this episode