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Richard Dunn uncovers the story of Flamsteed’s well telescope

Find out about Flamsteed’s well telescope – how it worked, what the Royal Observatory’s astronomers hoped to see with it, and whether they succeeded. Download this episode

Richard Dunn tells us all about the Royal Observatory’s 28-inch telescope

Richard Dunn tells us all about the Royal Observatory’s 28-inch telescope and reveals why some say its dome reminds them of an onion. Download this episode

Conservator Paul Cook takes a closer look at Arctic artefacts

Conservator Paul Cook tells the improbable story of a small hydrogen balloon and its mission to find lost polar explorers. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt tells us how to play Science and Sport, an astronomy board game

Rebekah Higgitt, Curator of History of Science and Technology, talks about one of her favourite objects – an early 19th-century astronomy board game, in which the winner was crowned Astronomer Royal. Download this episode

George Oates from Flickr looks at the Museum’s historic photographs

George Oates, from the photo-sharing website Flickr, has come to the Museum to search through the stores. Lucinda Donnachie finds out about the historic photographs that George has found. Download this episode

Margarette Lincoln tells the story of Mary Lacy

To celebrate the republication of Mary Lacy’s autobiography, The Female Shipwright, Margarette Lincoln tells us more about this amazing woman who ran away to sea at just 15 years old. Download this episode