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Nelson, Navy, Nation

Discover the new permanent gallery at the National Maritime Museum, Nelson, Navy, Nation and find out what the curators’ favourite object are. Download this episode

The Opium Trade

Flora Bain talks with Dr. Julia Lovell about how the British Empire was bankrolled by the opium trade. Download this episode


John McAleer talks about the National Maritime Museum’s new permanent gallery. Download this episode

Waterline – Cruising Photography

Jude Holland reveals some of her favourite images in the Waterline exhibition. Download this episode (Flash video) Download this episode (mp4 video)

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Elizabeth Cunningham reveals how you can get your photographs shown on the Planetarium dome. Download this episode

Boats that built Britain – the Pilot’s Punt

Dan Matthews talks to Marc Chivers about his lovingly-built pilot’s punt now on show in the ‘Boats that built Britain‘ exhibition. Download this episode

Rebekah Higgitt reveals the history of scientific photography at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Rebekah Higgitt tells us about the work of solar and astronomical photographers at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from the 1840s onwards. Download this episode

Marek Kukula and Richard Dunn take a closer look at telescopes

Telescopes aren’t just for gazing at the stars, as Marek Kukula and Richard Dunn find out. Join them on tour of a new display of telescopes at the Royal Observatory. Download this episode

Claire Warrior previews Beside the seaside – snapshots of British coastal life

Join Claire Warrior for a preview of Beside the seaside, a new exhibition of historical photographs depicting life on the British coast. Find out more about this fascinating collection and about the images on show. Download this episode