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Two crescent moons

Elizabeth Cunningham answers a Big Question from a caller seeing two crescent moons. Download this episode

Where to see asteroid YU55 from Earth

Find out where the best place to view asteroid YU55 is, and how close it will come to the Earth. Download this episode

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Elizabeth Cunningham reveals how you can get your photographs shown on the Planetarium dome. Download this episode

Halley’s comet, fireballs and Ramadan

Elizabeth Cunnigham answers more of your questions. This month we find out when Halley’s comet can be seen again, what a fireball was doing in the sky above Ireland and when the end of Ramadan is. Download this episode

When is dawn for Ramadan?

Elizabeth Cunningham, Planetarium Astronomer, investigates what time dawn is for Ramadan and how it is measured. Download this episode