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Walter Palmer, a life through the Museum’s records

Richard Espley traces sailor Walter Palmer through the Museum’s records. Download this episode (Flash video) Download this episode (mp4 video)

Caird Treasure Chest

Gareth Bellis reveals how many of the objects at the Museum came to call the National Maritime Museum home. Download this episode

Pirates and Privateering

Mike Bevan explores the Museum’s archives to reveal the stories of pirates and privateers held by the Museum, and of how some even became Royal Navy commanders. Download this episode

Martin Salmon tells stories from the Georgian Navy

Martin Salmon explores the Museum’s archives from the Georgian navy, uncovering what life was like in the words of those who were there. Download this episode

Richard Wragg takes an Archive Journey to the poles

Archivist Richard Wragg delves into another Archive Journeys story box from the Museum’s library. Inside are letters, books and other artefacts that reveal more about the lives of polar explorers. Download this episode (Flash video) Download this episode (mp4 video)

Renee Orr reveals the fate of the Titanic through archives from the scene

Librarian Renee Orr delves into the Caird Library’s Titanic Archive Box, and finds survivors’ accounts and photographs of the ship’s last minutes. Download this episode