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David Rooney reveals the story of Ruth Belville

Ruth Belville was a Greenwich celebrity – a woman who made her living by selling Greenwich Mean Time all over the capital, from her pocket watch, Arnold. David Rooney tells us her incredible story. Download this episode

Stephen Moorhouse investigates Brighton’s beach environment

Inspired by the Beside the Seaside exhibition, Stephen Moorhouse takes a trip to Brighton to see what environmental challenges Britain’s coastal resorts face today. Download this episode

Claire Warrior previews Beside the seaside – snapshots of British coastal life

Join Claire Warrior for a preview of Beside the seaside, a new exhibition of historical photographs depicting life on the British coast. Find out more about this fascinating collection and about the images on show. Download this episode

Claire Bretherton tells us what to look out for in the summer night sky

Find out what to spot in the summer night skies. And if you’re off to somewhere exotic and remote on your holidays, discover what you’ll be able to see away from the city lights. Download this episode

Meet conservators Caroline Hampton and Virginia Llado-Buisan

Discover more about the work of paintings conservator Caroline Hampton and paper conservator Virginia Llado-Buisan. They tell us about their hands-on work in preparation for the latest Queen’s House show, Turmoil and Tranquillity. Download this episode

David Rooney introduces St. John Wynne

David Rooney introduces electric clock baron St. John Wynne. Find out about his plans to keep clocks accurate, and discover what he had to say about the Greenwich Time Lady, Ruth Belville. Download this episode

Claire Bretherton answers your questions about the Sun

Ever wondered how to watch a solar eclipse safely? Join Royal Observatory astronomer Claire Bretherton as she answers some of our visitors’ most frequently asked questions about the Sun. Download this episode

Stephen Moorhouse helps clean up the Thames

To celebrate World Ocean Day, Stephen Moorhouse joins a group of volunteers on the banks of the Thames. Their mission? To clean up all the rubbish. Sound quality: it was rather windy when Stephen made this podcast – so in places the recording is a bit noisy. But we hope…

Claire Bretherton answers your question, ‘Do aliens exist?’

Royal Observatory astronomer Claire Bretherton answers some of your most frequently asked questions about extra-terrestrial life. Find out the latest news on the potential for life on Mars and why aliens are unlikely to contact us, even if they do exist. Download this episode

David Rooney discovers more about British Summer Time

David Rooney reveals the controversial history of British Summer Time. In this episode, find out more about William Willett and his rivals. Download this episode