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Stephen Moorhouse finds out more about offshore wind turbines around the UK

Stephen Moorhouse meets Ben Barton, offshore wind farm manager for the Crown Estate. Listen in to discover how offshore wind farms could help the UK generate more energy from renewable sources. Download this episode

Claire Bretherton answers your questions about shooting stars, planetary rings and stardust

Claire Bretherton answers another selection of your questions. Listen in to find out more about shooting stars, why some planets have rings around them, and if it’s true we’re all made from stardust. Download this episode

Marek Kukula and Rob Edwards introduce International Year of Astronomy 2009

Marek Kukula and Rob Edwards look ahead to the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Find out what this year-long celebration of astronomy is all about, what’s in store at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and what’s going on around the UK. Download this episode

David Rooney introduces the first voice of the speaking clock, Ethel Cain

How did Ethel Cain, a 26-year-old telephone operator from Croydon, become the most listened-to voice in 1930s Britain? David Rooney reveals how Ethel won a nationwide competition to become the first ever voice of the speaking clock. Download this episode

Claire Bretherton answers your questions about the Moon

Claire Bretherton answers questions you’ve left on our new Big questions answered phone line. This month, discover why we can see the Moon in the daytime, why Moon-landing conspiracy theories don’t convince astronomers, and what we can see further out into space. Download this episode

David Rooney takes a trip to the Clockmakers’ Museum

Join David Rooney as he visits the Clockmakers’ Museum to meet Ruth Belville’s two precious pocket watches, Arnold and Charles. Find out how David re-discovered Charles and how you too can see both historic watches. Download this episode

Claire Bretherton wants to know your big questions about astronomy

If you’ve got a big question about astronomy, then listen up! On the line has just launched the ‘Big questions answered’ phone line. Claire Bretherton has the details… Download this episode

David Rooney visits the Daylight Inn

David Rooney takes time out from Greenwich to visit the Daylight Inn, Petts Wood. Join him to find out how this pub came to be named in honour of William Willett of British Summer Time fame. Download this episode

Margarette Lincoln tells the story of Mary Lacy

To celebrate the republication of Mary Lacy’s autobiography, The Female Shipwright, Margarette Lincoln tells us more about this amazing woman who ran away to sea at just 15 years old. Download this episode

David Haycock and Barbara Tomlinson help dispel some pirate myths

To coincide with International talk-like-a-pirate day, David Haycock and Barbara Tomlinson look at some of our favourite pirate myths, with the help of the Museum’s collection. Download this episode