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Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Elizabeth Cunningham reveals how you can get your photographs shown on the Planetarium dome.

Elizabeth Cunningham: Hello, my name is Elizabeth Cunningham, I’m a Planetarium Astronomer here at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and I want to talk to you about our brand-new gallery showing the winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

Now if you can come to the gallery you can see the winners and runners-up of all the categories of our competition, and the photos are beautifully displayed on the walls of the gallery. And you can also see the interactive exhibit where you can look at all the photos that were entered into the competition; where in the world they were entered from; and also where in the sky you can see the objects in the photographs.

We also have a video-feed showing interviews with the winners, where they talk about their love for astrophotography and also how they took the photos.

Now if you can’t make it to our gallery, all the pictures are on the photo-sharing website, Flickr. If you just search for the group ‘Astro Photo’ you should find us. And there’s also an option on Flickr where you can make your own gallery, so you can pick out your own favourites from the competition.

And this year, when the members of the public made the gallery, we used them to make Planetarium shorts and showed the photos on the dome. This was really well received by the public; they loved looking at the photos, and also it’s quite exciting to be able to get your gallery shown on the Planetarium sky. So we’ll be doing this again next year; so if you watch out when the competition’s re-launched in January for next year, you could get your selection of photos shown on our Planeatrium sky.

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